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David often chooses to distance himself from his peers.
However, an encounter with classmates who share the same passion slowly opens him up?
This is the story of the Recollection cast's youth! 

(This game is a prequel but can be played on its own.)


RecollectionRepeat-1.1-mac.zip 74 MB
RecollectionRepeat-1.1-pc.zip 92 MB


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Just got done playing this and really loved it! The artwork was extremely cute, and the forming of the Art Club was fun! I found the story to be very inspiring, too. David seemed kind of cold at times with how he got irritated at them at one point, but it showed how much he cared with those personalized notes and tutorials he made for them--that was my favorite scene!

Why are so many Visual Novels about anxious introverts coming out to play??



Oh I didn't know that deleting your own post would still showup-
I was just saying we found some errors and were gonna fix them 

Anyway, just updated the files! Hopefully there are no more major issues.