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Piled with work day after day, the artist has hit the point where he has grown tired of his arduous routine. Packing his things, he was greeted by an old friend who reminded him of the very reason he was in this trade.


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Hello! I just wanted to say I enjoyed this cute story. Some of the beginning parts, the writing was a bit messy at times, but it didn't take away too much from the experience.

This story is definitely relatable to anyone that loves creating. It's a reminder of why we love to create, and once we lose that our work will suffer for it and show. The scene with the fan was my favorite scene!

it was a good quick playthrough, even though I skimmed the whole game in like 10 minutes(sorry).  I did end up rereading a good amount through the history in case i missed something.
7.5 the story development was solid, though tbh it didn't quite draw me in as much as I would have liked
9 art was great(especially the familiar pieces)
9 music/bg sounds were great
9 characters were well distinguished, I could see their role being essential in current and future developments (my favorite is fangirl tho)
overall 8.5

This is a cute and nice VN. It got me tearing up at some point :) I really appreciate this and thanks for creating this short VN :D

nah thank you for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed it ;w; b

No prob. Been looking forward to it from its posting in LSF. Congratulations once again for the VN's release :D